No more buggy software.

Seamlessly extend your tech team with highly affordable, vetted and trained remote QA testers in Africa, who speak fluent English and work in your time zone.

Top Quality Testers

Our testers are graduates from top-tier African universities, with degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Fluent English

We use a proprietary, multi-stage assessment process to screen for technical skills, soft skills, and English fluency.

Time Zone Alignment

Our testers work in the same or overlapping time zones as our clients, resulting in higher availability and productivity.

You just have to pick your ideal tester and leave everything else to us!

The processWho
Talent sourcingLurnii
Screening and matchingLurnii
Picking your testerYou
Hiring and benefitsLurnii
Contracts, payroll, taxes and local complianceLurnii
Freedom to focus on buildingYou

Leonard Budima

“I’m extremely pleased with how quickly our tester has integrated into the team and day-to-day flow of our work.”

Johanna Strutzenberger
Head of Engineering

"Our QA tester is so proactive – I just explain what we need, and she comes back with the solution."

Sitati Kituyi

"I’m so impressed by the quality of the work done by our QA tester! It’s a huge leap forward in how we operate."

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